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Yuri G. Rassega

Yuri Rassega was appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Enel in June 2016.

Prior to that, he was: Head of ICT Function in Enel Hydro SpA; Head of Global ICT Audit Function; Head of the Global ICT Solution Centre for AFC, HR and Procurement.

Before joining Enel, Yuri Rassega served in several responsibilities in the ICT industry, including the development of Banking Systems, TELCO & ISP Systems, ERP, SCADA, ACS, and ICS solutions for a variety of clients and facilities, his experience has been developed through a wide range of roles from coding and digital electronic engineering, to consulting, to entrepreneurial and C-level positions.

He is also an inventor, he thought up some digital fraud-detection tools and methods patented in Europe, the USA, and some Latin American countries.

He is member of some international institution’s expert working groups.

2019 key figures
  • 4500 Attendees
  • 111 Speakers
  • 78 Companies
  • 32 Start ups
  • 34 Delegations