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Valentino De Sousa

As the Cyber Reconnaissance Lead for Accenture Security – iDefense, Valentino leads a team of analysts and engineers who specialize in the tactic, tools and procedures used by cyber-espionage, cyber-criminals and hacktivists. Valentino leads the tactical and strategic mission of the Reconnaissance team including overseeing R&D projects, automated collection, monitoring underground forums, analysis of adversaries, active campaigns and leading indicators of impending attacks. As the Lead for iDefense in Europe, Valentino provides tactical decision support and actionable intelligence to customers and Accenture Security. Valentino brings over 9 years of experience in the cyber security industry and is a known member of the global security community, and a speaker at several conferences. Valentino’s primary interests include actor profiling, red teaming, persona development and analysis of cyber trends in the underground community. Prior to joining Accenture Security – iDefense, Valentino worked for a U.S Defense contractor as a HUMINT and SIGINT field analyst. Valentino holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from The American University of Rome and a Master of Science in Terrorism Studies from the University of East London.

2019 key figures
  • 4500 Attendees
  • 111 Speakers
  • 78 Companies
  • 32 Start ups
  • 34 Delegations