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Roee Schreiber

currently leads the Maglan unit (which was acquired by Accenture in Jun 2016) within Accenture security. For the last 14 years Roee has been a Vice President, Technical Department Manager and Head of the Cyber Warfare Labs in Maglan.

With more than 20 years of experience in cyber security, Roee has been a special security advisor to various worldwide leading organizations in the financial, telecom and defense sectors. Roee has managed and performed endless security assessments and adversary simulations to complex networks, applications, infrastructure architectures, cellular networks, proprietary protocols, embedded devices, SCADA, IoT, CANBUS, VoIP, and others.

2019 key figures
  • 4500 Attendees
  • 111 Speakers
  • 78 Companies
  • 32 Start ups
  • 34 Delegations