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We invite you to take a look at Cybertech Europe 2016:


About Cybertech Europe 2016:

Cybertech Europe 2016 was the country's premier event for cyber, technological solutions, investment opportunities, and much more. Cybertech Europe 2016 brought together the most innovative technologies, decision-makers, start-ups and investors of the industry for a one-day event at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome. The conference included a large exhibition of innovation and technologies from major companies and start-ups alike from Europe, the U.S., Asia, and Israel. 


Conference themes included:

>>> Digital transformation and cyber resilience
>>> The future of the multi-stakeholder: Sharing responsibility
>>> How to create a successful start-up company
>>> Leaders' vision of the new cyber era
>>> Cyber security in the banking and insurance sector
>>> Public & private conversation: Priorities for institutions, CNI and cyber security industry
>>> Vehicles & connected world

2019 key figures
  • 4500 Attendees
  • 111 Speakers
  • 78 Companies
  • 32 Start ups
  • 34 Delegations